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Alcon Wires & Cable Industries

ALCON CABLES had been established in 1979 for the manufacture of Power & Control Cables. The company has been promoted by Technocrates having over 30 years experience in various aspects of Cable Market. The Promoters have practical Administrative and Management experience in Production, Quality Control and Marketing Cables. 


1. High Voltage test Apparatus 10 KV AC/22 KVA 'RE' make.
2. Voltage test Apparatu
3. Tensile testing Machine 0 to 250 kgs. 'KML' make.
4. Megohm Meter for Insulation Resistance 'BPL' make.
5. Megohm Meter for Insulation Res
6. Digital Insulation tester for Insulation Resistance 'AGRONIC' make.
7. Industrial Kelvin Double Bridge for Conductor Resistance 'OSAW' make.
8. Industrial Kelvin Double Bridge for Conductor Resistance 'OXFORD' make.
9. Digital Miliohm Meter for Conductor Resistance 'AGRONIC' make.
10 Thermol Stability test Apparatus 'SEW' make.
11. Heating Oven for Shrinking 'Hot Deformation' Heat Shock, Loss of Moss and Ageing Test-4 Nos.
12. Deep Freezer for cold bend & Lamect test.
13. Water lmmersion Tank 3 Nos.
14. Travelling Micro Scope 'OSAW' make.
15. Weighing Balance.
16. Spark tester to 15 KV-2 Nos.
17. Magger 500/1000 Volts-6 Nos.
18. Misc. Measuring Equipment for Chemical and Physical test.
1. 7 Die Wire Drawing Machine Continues Type .
2. 13 Die Wire Drawing Machine Continus Type.
3. 12 Bobin Stranding Machine.
4. 1+6+12+18+24 Tandem Standing Machine=2 No's
5. 12-B Stranding Machne=1 No's
6. 7-B Stranding Machine =1 No's
7. 50 mm PVC Extrusion Line complete with core Numbering arrangment-1 No's
8. 65 mm PVC Extrusion Line= 2 No's
9. 90 mm PVC Extrusion Line.
10. 120 mm PVC Extrusion Line.
11. 90 mm PVC (Compounding) Extrusion Line-2 No's.
12. 48 Bobin wire Armouring Machine
13. 3/4 core laying up Machine Bobin Size 52"
14. 3/4 core laying up Machine Bobin 40".
15. 48 Bobin Armouring Machine.
16. No. of spoolers=10
17. Cable Rewarding Line Complete with Measuring arrangement with spark tester-4 No's
18. Cable Rewarding Line Complete
19. But Welding set-5 No's
20 Lathe Machine+ Shoper .
21 Annealing Pot of Copper/Aluminium= 1 No's
22. Boiler for curing XLPE = 1 No's
23. E.O.T. for loading = 2 No's
24. Copper wire Drawing Machine=3 No's
25. Find wire Drawing Machine for Copper= No's
26. Bunching Machine= 3 No's
1. Critical Oxygen Index test Apparatusa as per ASTMD-2863
2. Smoke Density test Apparatus as per ASTMD-2843.
3. Halogen Gas Emession test Apparatus as per IEC 754-1
4. Flammability test Apparatus as per IEEE-383.
5. Flammability test Apparatus as per IEC 332-1
6. Swedish Chimney Test Apparatus as per SS:424-14-75 Class F 3
7. Rolling Mill 6"
8. Hydraulic Press.