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ALCON CABLES had been established in 1979 for the manufacture of Power & Control Cables. The company has been promoted by Technocrates having over 30 years experience in various aspects of Cable Market. The Promoters have practical Administrative and Management experience in Production, Quality Control and Marketing Cables.
» LT PVC Power Cables with Aluminium and Copper Conductors Asper IS : 1554 (Part-1)1988 amanded upto date
» Single Core upto 1000sq. mm.
» Twin, three and four core upto 500 sq. mm.
» Copper Control Cables 1.5 & 2.5 sq. mm upto 61 cores
» Copper Mining Cables 1.1 KV Grade as per IS: 1554(Part-1) 1988.
» FRLS Power & Control Cables.
» LT XLPE Power Cables as per IS: 7098 (Part-1)1988
» Special Cables as per consumers Specification.
» House Wiring with heat resistant PVC as per international standard & as per IS : 694
» Flexible wires & submersible cables as per IS : 694