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Manufacturing Process
The manufacturing process is being carried out on highly sophisticated machines. The operational activities are being looked after by highly qualified and technical persons.
Conductors :
The conductors are drawn from high electrolytic grade copper / aluminium and annealed conductors are stranded / bunched together meeting requirements of IS & BS standards.
Insulation :
Stranded / Bunched conductors are insulated with specially formulated and developed PVC compound with high resistance values. This process is being carried out in fully automatic high speed extrusion lines with in depth accuracy and ensuring performance consistently. Where specifically required, insulation can be done by heat resistant PVC.
Inner sheath :
The Sheathing is provided with specially formulated PVC compound to facilitate to withstand mechanical abrasion while in use.
Fillers :
Wherever necessary, non-hygroscopic polypropylene fillers are applied in the Interstices of multi-core cables during laying up
Bedding :
Bedding normally consists of a layer of extruded PVC.
The armouring process is carried out with layer of galvanized steel wires. In case of higher sizes, steel strips have been used. The lay direction ol the armour is left hand and the size of the armour wires is specified in the cable standard specifications.
Finish :
The standard finish of all cables consists of an extruded black PVC oversheath, the external surface of which is embossed with the appropriate legend